Oryt - Making it possible

Imagine being able to shop online as normal whilst automatically donating money to the local community. It doesn’t cost you anything. It doesn’t take extra time. The feel-good factor is amazing and everyone is happy. At Oryt, we make it so simple to do.


Oryt – get used to giving

You don’t have to think twice about giving to the local community. In the past you may have meant too but had insufficient time. Now it’s automatic. Simply shop and donate. Spend money online and your chosen organisation benefits.

When transparency matters

When you shop, we receive a commission from the retailer and donate the bulk of this to the community. This helps make them self-sufficient, providing a constant flow of funding. Our commission is flexible and we promise to donate up to 5 times more than our competitors. Want to fix our commission? Simply talk to us.

How are we helping?

From our website, choose the organisation that you would like to donate to. The rest is then magic; we take care of everything, ensuring that when you shop, your chosen charity benefits.

Get Started

How to Install

Got a spare minute? Then simply follow our quick and easy video instructions to install the app on your PC or mobile.

Our Affiliate Partners

Check out the list below for details of our affiliate partners. These are the online stores that we have partnered with. When you shop with them, donations are made automatically. We are adding to the list on a regular basis so keep your eye on this space.

Oryt - making the impossible possible

Enabling local communities to be self-sustaining, stable and secure.

How it Works!

It works as an affiliate system. Fans of the charity/NGO can install the plugin. When they do shop on the Amazon site, it records their sale and in return, amazon gives back the commission. Which then distribute to the charity/NGO.

Everyone is a winner with Oryt

Download the Oryt app today. If you want to remove it in the future, it is simple to do.Make giving part of your routine and experience that feel-good factor.

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